In appreciation of our customers, we are pleased to offer these great ways to save:

Fabric Cut Discount on Select Fabrics

  • Receive a 10 - 20 cent per yard discount for cuts of 3 yards or more.
  • Receive a 10 - 20 cent per yard discount for cuts of 1 yard or more for customers with a purchase history of 40 yards or more.1

Customer Appreciation Reward

  • Receive a coupon code worth $20 off a future purchase per every $200 of accumulated purchases2, excluding shipping.1

Discount Codes

  • Occaisonally we offer discount codes through blogs or other venues - typically for a percentage off total purchase, excluding shipping.
    Codes are case sensitive and must be entered on the shopping cart page before proceeding to check-out. 3




1must have a registered account for sales history to be tracked
2purchases rounded down to the nearest dollar

3If the code is entered as a comment to the order, you will receive a refund back to your account minus the transaction fees we pay to the credit card gateway
  to process the refund.  Lousy, we know, but we just can't afford the cost twice on the same order, especially when we're offering a discount - We appreciate your understanding!